Dr. Riccardo Tonini (MD, DDS, Brescia, Italy)
Stay behind Dr. Tonini's back during his patient treatment right in his private office in Brescia, Italy
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Dr. Arnaldo Castellucci
"The Art of microsurgical endodontics"
Streaming of a surgical patient treatment directly from Dr. Castellucci's private office in Florence
Dr. Riccardo Tonini
"The Art of using MTA in endodontics"
Masterclass by Dr. Riccardo Tonini about using MTA in endodontics treaming directly from his private office in Brescia, Italy
Dr. Antonina Getsman
"The Art of modern pediatric dentistry"
Masterclass by Dr. Antoninia Getsman of a patient treatment streaming directly from her private office in Moscow, Russia
Dr. Michael Solomonov
"The Art of modern daily endodontics"
Masterclass of a treatment patient by Dr. Michael Solomonov streaming directly from his private ofice in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Stay behind your instructor's back

"Masterclass.dental" is a new online project in modern dentistry which allows you to watch a real patient treatment streaming directly from the private office of a famous dentist. It is so easy now to stay behind your instructor's back during a real patient treatment with Masterclass.dental!

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