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The Art of pediatric dentistry
Streaming directly from Moscow. Stand behind Dr. Getsman's back during a real patient treatment in her own private practice
A real dental visit by Antonina Getsman
Watch state-of-the-art young patient treatment filmed at the private dental practice of one of the most prominent specialists in pedodontics — Dr. Antonina Getsman from Moscow, Russia. Discover the latest trends and the most effective techniques in pediatric dentistry
Pre-recorded dental visit by Antonina Getsman
Moscow, private practice
This is a unique occasion to see the work with the patient from the inside, to hear how the doctor communicates with the patient and assistant. Dr. Getsman will explain the smallest details of her daily work.

The main goal is to show why a particular treatment plan with this patient was chosen. One of the criteria for success in treating a young patient is treatment planning. You will get acquainted with the option of planning the rehabilitation of the oral cavity in a removable bite (treatment of temporary and permanent teeth) from the point of view of the clinical picture, as well as controlling the behavior of the child at the dental appointment. Both criteria are important in order to complete the rehabilitation of the oral cavity comfortably and with a long-term dental result.

You will see cases of caries treatment for permanent unformed teeth, pulpits of temporary teeth and restoration of temporary teeth with crowns. We invite you to follow thel appointment with Dr. Antonina Getsman at the Dental Fantasy Clinic right now!
Dr. Antonina Getsman
Moscow, Russia
Antonina Getsman is a head doctor of the largest and most prominent dental children's clinic in Moscow, speaker of Russian and international congresses and creator of the author's lecture course "Dentistry in children - myths and reality", " The multifaceted world of pediatric dentistry", Member of the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry (IAPD), the European Association of Dental Microscopy (ESMD) and Endodontics (ESE), Editor of the journal "Endodontics"
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